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Kalle Lasn

Step out of the consumer cage.


Kalle Lasn brings to our attention that fact that pervasive mass advertising drugs the mind, destroys the imagination, and compromises our means of collectively envisioning the future.

Quotes from Kalle Lasn

"When the tv malfunctions, don't fix it; decide to suffer through the withdrawal. Fight your way out of the consumerist cage."

"I want to live in a world where human beings, not corporate entities, create the future."

"We ... need to consider how this corporate branding-and-advertising project influences the way we think about the big social issues of our time, such as global warming, economic globalization, and genetically engineered food."


"Culture jamming is about jamming the signals that put us in this trance in the first place. It's about creating cognitive dissonance, disseminating as many seeds of truth to as many people as you can, with the ultimate goal of toppling existing power structures and changing the way we'll live in the twenty-first century."

"... we have absolutely no idea what this constant advertising babble is doing to us. The situation is similar to what we were experiencing at the start of the environmental movement forty years ago, when people just didn't want to believe that three parts per billion of some chemical in the air or water could be toxic and have all kinds of unforeseen consequences down the road. Today we are repeating that same mistake in our mental environment."

"Live without dead time."

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