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Peace Heroes

What would make you stand strong for an issue?

Peace heroes are controversial. They face public disapproval, physical endangerment and, sometimes, imprisonment.

Yet peace heroes exist all over the world, in every region, country, culture, background, language.

Find out what happened that made a peace hero stand strong for something important. How did compassion get turned into action --- for a fellow human being, the planet, animals, someone ill or hurt, war refugees, famine victims, even a tree? Read the quotes from peace heroes.

Is there a part of you that could be a peace hero, perhaps taking a stand to make the world better?

Ordinary people have made extraordinary changes in the world by standing up for their beliefs in human rights, non-violent resolution of conflict, and social justice.

Sometimes these measures are undertaken at great personal risk. Sometimes quietly and without publicity. Peace heroes demonstrate the most basic human attributes of all -- courage, love, respect, and compassion.

As you read about the peace heroes listed on this website, consider whether or not you agree with their views and actions. If not, ask yourself why. Or would you support, perhaps continue their work to better the world? 

Is there another action that you could take that would add to the momentum of change started by a peace hero?  Is there some way you could be involved with the beginning of a change for the better in the world?

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

Use the links on this page, and within this website, to get more information on what you can do. The list of peace heroes is growing larger every day. Some are famous, some are not; some of their work is public and known around the world; some are little known outside their own small circles.


List of peace heroes

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

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