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Peace Heroes

Who are the peace heroes in our world? 

Carly Zalenski
One person in Ohio decided to build a school for children in Vietnam. It took her two years. She was 12 years old. This is how she got started:...
"My classmates and I gathered school supplies and toys for the Vietnamese school children and  my grandmother brought back pictures of the children receiving our gifts. I will never forget the faces of the children. I promised myself then that one day when I was a little older I would build a school in Vietnam."

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Ida B. Wells
Ida B. Wells spent only the first six months of her life as a slave, but she spent the rest of it fighting for the rights of freed blacks and justice for all others.
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Tiramakan was a wise man who lived during the 12th Century among the Manding people in the kingdom of Soundjata Keita. The countries of Mali, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso on the western side of Africa now occupy this area. During a conflict with the Djolof tribe in the neighboring kingdom (now Senegal), Tiramakan was asked to negotiate a peace treaty. He calmed the warriors, and showed the opposing sides what they shared in common. Tiramakan was a peace hero whose courage to make his world better is celebrated today in folk song. 


List of peace heroes


Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

The list of peace heroes is growing larger every day. Some are famous, some are not; some of their work is public and known around the world; some are little known outside their own small circles. Some take great personal risks; some work quietly with letters and silent protest; some teach and inspire. Every action, small or large, quiet or not --- is significant to make the beginning of substantial change for the better. Be inspired to create the Future. As Julia Butterfly Hill states, "Do Something."


Are they famous people from long ago? Stories in a book? Celebrities? Or humble people who live nearby? Someone who, as they say in Ireland, has "converted" from violence to non-violence? Someone who stopped a fight? Stopped a war? Prevented an argument from escalating to violence? 

The global list of peace heroes is growing larger every day.  

Consider how peace heroes anywhere --- in your family, your neighborhood, your country, or anywhere on the planet --- demonstrate the courage, will and desire to make a positive change for a better world for everyone.

Historic Peace Heroes
Other historic peace heroes include John Newton, Mahatma Gandhi of India, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. from the United States, and Princess Diana from the United Kingdom. 

Contemporary Peace Heroes
Examples of contemporary peace heroes include Mairead Corrigan Maguire from Ireland, Mordechai Vanunu from Israel, Craig Keilburger from Canada, and Julia Butterfly Hill from the United States. Do others come to mind? Perhaps John Lennon, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Thich Nhat Hanh. And many others, some without celebrity, without famous names or publicity --- Ginetta Sagan, Jean Knudsen Hoffman, Suzanne Big Crow, and many others, including Mary MacMakin who is working to provide food and work-training for widows in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This list could include nearly everyone on earth, if all stories could be told.

We welcome your suggestions about posting information that would inform and inspire actions --- toward creating a peaceful future for the world. 

What can you do to make the world a better place?
Use the links on this page, and within this website, to get more information. Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future. Become a part of the beginning of a change to make the world a better place. 


Peace heroes are controversial ...


Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Create the Future.


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