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Pallotta TeamWorks, a entire company full of peaceheroes

Doing business in a way that really makes the world a better place. 


"Our vision is to change the world, and we're not afraid to say it."

Brave citizen action in service to humanity -- the vision of Pallotta TeamWorks, a company headquartered in Los Angeles with a mandate to change the world. First, by helping people see beyond the limits they have placed on themselves. Second, by helping people see beyond the limits they have placed on the world, and third, by spreading the simple power of human kindness.  

They are a new and different kind of business. They are creating 21st Century.  The company was founded in 1992 by American Dan Pallotta with a business model based in the belief that the great causes deserve the same talent and business savvy that gores into the widely-known consumer brands. They work hard to make the impossible happen -- to end AIDS, breast cancer, and poverty; to prevent suicide, to help homeless children, and more. 

Pallotta TeamWorks do fundraising and event productions.  You have seen events with bicyclers, walkers, the determined. The next time, raise your voice in support and lighten the burden -- let them know that together we are changing world for the better.

From Pallotta TeamWorks:  "We The People in order to form a more beautiful world, do hereby commit our time on earth and place in history to the here and now, to open the flood gates of our hearts onto the parched deserts of the undeserved and overburdened, so that no soul be denied the dignity of our full attention; so that no heart be held in contempt of its dreams; so that every darkness may be enlightened; so that a sea change may be effected on our planet and kindness be an island no more."


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