Cindy Sheehan

Mrs. Cindy Sheehan held a vigil outside US President George W. Bush's home in Crawford, Texas, during the summer of 2005, where the president was staying on vacation from the White House. He refused to meet with her or with other war-protesting parents of soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq. Sheehan was among grieving military families who met with Bush in June 2004 at Fort Lewis, near Seattle, two months after her son Casey was killed in Iraq. Since then, she said, various government and independent commission reports have disputed the Bush administration claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, the main reason given by the president for the March 2003 invasion. "All of those reports prove my son died needlessly," said Sheehan. "This proved that every reason George Bush gave us for going to war was wrong."

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"I just wish George had as much courage in his entire body as Casey had in his little pinky, then he would meet with me."   (full quote)

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